Our yachts include amenities that are not found as standard in other fleets.  Unlimited fresh water (water maker), power (generator), air conditioning and a plancha grill means your holiday is not dictated by having to find a port to resupply. We make life onboard easy and pleasurable so you can focus on the things that matter: great company and great experiences


Water maker

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited fresh water

The days of rationing fresh water are over. Take as many showers as you like, rinse-off after every dive and cook without counting the litres, even when moored in an idyllic bay or under sail

*excluding D390GL due to size constraints

Plancha grill on deck

Savour a sunset BBQ

Nothing beats a grilled fresh catch on deck: BBQ parties will become your updated definition for “unforgettable nights out”, while anchored in an unspoiled bay.

Generator & Inverter

Never run out of power

Charge your phones and gadgets, enjoy uninterrupted music while sailing, keep your supplies cool and fresh or even use a hairdryer: these may sound as luxuries on a sailing holiday, but not on our yachts. For us, these are standard*.

* replaced with solar panels in the D390GL due to size constraints

Air Conditioning

No heat. No mosquitos. No sweat.

A cool sea breeze can do wonders while on deck. But for that well-deserved, mid-day siesta in your cabin, the ability to set your own perfectly cooled atmosphere will make a world of difference.

Top notch appliances

Indulge in big little pleasures

Wake up to a fresh Nespresso, defrost a pizza or prepare a healthy smoothie. We believe that you don’t need to change habits just because you are sailing, so our boats are equipped with:

  • Large kitchen fridge & freezer
  • Nespresso machine
  • Microwave
  • Smoothie maker

Cockpit fridge

Refreshments at arm’s length while on deck

Εnjoy the sunset with a cool cocktail, grab a beer while sailing or treat yourself to an ice cream, without missing any of the on-deck action.

Large bimini & spacious platform

Enjoy the grand life on deck

Sunbathe at sea level or cool off on the couches under the shade with your favorite book at hand. The unbeatable pleasures of sailing holidays are found above sea level and our boats’ on-deck amenities will keep you there.

Light oak contemporary interior

High-end uplifting spacious design

The light-colored saloon and cabins of our boats, made of fine oak wood, have a contemporary design that makes below-deck living a mere pleasure.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Equipped for sailing

Equipped for sailing