Created by yachtsmen with more than 40 years experience of boating in Greece, we know what it takes to enjoy yachting amongst the Greek islands. No matter if it is a sailing yacht, catamaran or a power boat, it has to be innovatively designed & perfectly equipped in order to take you places and let you make the most of the unique coastline of Greece. Our charter fleet operates from a number of bases - Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Lefkada and Corfu.



We have our finger on the pulse of the yachting industry and have an eye for design and innovation

We identified Dufour’s new innovative approach to the sail cruising segment, its yachts designed by Umberto Felci, and we took our first step towards building our fleet. In 2018 we were appointed as official dealers of Dufour Yachts for Greece and Bulgaria and within a year we were nominated with the “Dufour Best Growth award 2019”.

In 2020 we saw that Sakari Mattila, the founder and designer of AXOPAR and XO yachts, was creating something completely new. Putting together elements that had not been combined in the boating world before, we seized the opportunity and acquired the dealership of SAXDOR YACHTS in Greece.

Saxdor Yachts has justified the hype. The brand new Saxdor models have taken the world by storm, exceeding expectations and winning international awards.

Our sister company, Thrace-Labea Yachting, is responsible for the yacht dealerships while Thrace Yachting focuses its expertise on charter operations and management. Moreover, we are an associated company of THRACE GROUP, a Greek multinational organization active in the technical fabrics and the packaging solutions business, as well as in tourism, real estate, hydroponic greenhouses and solar power parks.



We’ve built a team passionate about boating, with a deep love and knowledge of the Greek waters, and one desire: to share it with our guests and allow them to experience the Greek islands we know and love.

Our team is always on board or on hand to assist you in finding the perfect itinerary and discover local gems that cannot be found on conventional maps. But above all, we have the ability to guarantee your safety and well-being when navigating the Greek waters.



We want you to experience the magic of the Greek islands and safely explore hidden gems that can only be experienced by those on board.



We believe that when you find the perfect spot, you shouldn’t have to leave, until the mood strikes you. All our yachts* are fully equipped and fit for purpose. Our sailing yachts and catamarans feature generators, water makers, air-conditioning and BBQs. Our power boats are fitted with all the necessary equipment allowing you to be completely autonomous and free to enjoy every moment on your terms.

*D390GL excluded due to size constraints